Never hired a house cleaning service? Read this before you do!

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No one likes a bad experience.  Hiring a Grand Rapids MI house cleaning service should not make your list of bad experiences.  You probably started looking for a cleaning company because you wanted to get more time back in your day so you can focus on other things. Maybe life got a little busier with a new job, or you recently had an addition to your family and you wanted to hire someone to help take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders. Recently, Less Mess With Jess have come across new clients who have never hired a house cleaning service before.  They don’t have any good or back experience working with an other company before and it’s up to us to make it a great one. Most often people are hesitant about spending money on a service they never had before.  They have expectations which may or may not get fulfilled in their view.  We understand that this can be a littler nerve racking.  For those who have never hired a house cleaning services I wanted to offer up a few items that will hopefully make it a great experience

Do you know what your looking for?

When a cleaning company gives you a free quote they are quoting not only on the size of the house, kitchen space, and bathrooms, they are also quoting based on any specific items you want done. Your home is unique and requires unique attention. Knowing exactly what you want can make the process of hiring a cleaning company a lot easier. Our Grand Rapids house cleaning services does not have a one size fits all mentality. That is why we offer several different cleaning packages to fit your needs.   Take just a few minutes and gather a couple mental notes on exactly what your looking for.

Have you set up a budget?

Pricing and budget can cause a bad experience in a hurry.  That is why having a budget and price point is so important.  If you know your budget you can work with the cleaning company to make sure they clean the areas you want the most focus on.  As a Grand Rapids cleaning company we don’t want to surprise you with a price you were not expecting either.  If it is our responsibility to provide you with stress free service, knowing what the service will cost is a huge relief.  So talk over your budget to make sure there are no surprises.

Have you set up a time to review?

Both you and I have expectations of what is common to house cleaning.  There are common elements like vacuuming main areas, dusting shelves, etc.  But you may have thought it should have included dusting the blinds every time, or any other specific element.  What Less Mess With Jess likes to do is to talk with you very soon after one or two cleans.  We know that there may be items that you thought should be done that typically are not part of a standard clean.  This is our opportunity to make sure we are meeting your expectations moving forward.

Less Mess With Jess strives to provide cleaning services absent of bad experiences.  We want to talk through what your looking for, understand your budget and following back up with you to make sure your happy.  If your new to cleaning services look through the site, view the cleaning packages, and let us give you a great first experience!