Two Simple Questions Your Residential Cleaning Service Should Ask

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Two Simple Questions Your Residential Cleaning Service Should Ask

Working with people looking for residential cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI can be both great and hard all at the same time.  There are always expectations on both sides that need to be met so everyone comes out feeling good.

The client may assume that you will provide a deep clean with every service, while the cleaning company may provide a deep clean at first, then settle into a regular routine schedule.

I don’t believe that any residential cleaning service in Grand Rapids, MI goes to a house expecting to provide poor service.  So what happens between the call to schedule and invoicing?  Here are two simple but great questions a residential cleaning service should ask to eliminate most problems.

What is the residential cleaning budget?

Budgeting for residential cleaning services comes in many different forms. Is the expectation that you stay to a specific dollar amount?  Or are they expecting an hourly rate for a per person per hour?  No one likes to have surprises when it come to payments.

Make sure that you understand specifically what your client is expecting.  If you are the customer looking for residential cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI I recommend asking some of these questions before hiring a cleaning company if they do not.  I believe this is a must when ever talking to a potential cleaning company or client.  Being up front on costs saves a lot of headaches down the road for everyone.  By asking this simple question about the cleaning budget it will ensure that everyone leaves knowing the terms.  I have seen where making assumptions have turned into a bad situation.

How much time will it take?

Similar to asking about a specific cleaning budget, how much time it will take is another item to address up front.  This may go hand in hand with the budget.  However, since the cleaning service is going to be taking over the house for a couple of hours it deserves to be discussed.

With the summer months upon us, having residential cleaning services can be a little more difficult. Kids are out of school, backyard BBQ’s, and a list of other events are happening. If you have a larger home it could a take a few hours to provide top residential cleaning services. This can cause a problem when families are tight on time.

Talk through all the timing issues with your cleaning service you plan on hiring.  Know exactly how many hours they plan on occupying your house. You should be able to find and work out times and schedule cleaning that works for everyone.  Enjoy your free time, family, and your clean house.

It really comes down to communication with your residential cleaning service

Working with a Grand Rapids, MI residential cleaning service is really no different than any other company.  Communicate with them your exact budget and any time constraints you may have.  A professional residential cleaning service will be able to work with you on these two items.  Ensuring that your house is cleaned within budget and on a schedule that fits your busy life.