Looking for a Residential Cleaning Service in Grand Rapids MI?

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residential cleaning grand rapids miIf you are like a lot of people the thought of hiring a residential cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI is very appealing.  With all our busy schedules, the joy of coming home to a clean house is a wonderful thought.  Imagine getting home from either a busy day at the office or from running around town and you step into a sparkling, dirt free and fresh smelling home!  The kitchen sparkles. The bathrooms are scrubbed and shined.  Your whole house feels renewed.  Often times when your home feels clean you can rest a little easier.  These are just some of the perks to having a residential cleaning service.  With over 10 years offering residential cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI we have found a few items that clients seem to like from their cleaning service.  If you are like most, these most likely are important items to consider when looking at cleaning services.

What is the Size of the Residential Cleaning Service

The specific size of a cleaning company shouldn’t matter.  You are looking for  a sparkling shine and both a small or large residential cleaning service should be able to provide that.  However, I have found that smaller companies generally offer more flexibility.  As a small independent residential cleaning company in Grand Rapids MI, I must say I am a little partial to small cleaning companies.  Generally it is the owners of the company or someone very close cleaning your home and they personally want to make sure you are happy.  We have been known to run errands, walk dogs, etc for our clients. We know these little things can be a big help and we are glad to help where we can!

Residential Cleaning Companies Attention to Detail

Anytime you hire a residential cleaning service in Grand Rapids MI there are a lot of details that go into making sure your house is cleaned with spectacular detail.  There are a lot of details that go into preparing for your home..  We take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for.  No home is alike, and  no home owner is alike.  There are going to be specific details that you want cleaned. It is our job to not miss those details.  For each home we stress these details.  We make a list and check it twice before leaving.  We also like to follow up after a few cleans to make sure we are meeting your expectations and want to make any adjustments needed.

Does the Residential Cleaning Service Provide You Consistency

Over the years this is one item that keeps coming up over and over again. This has many layers, but mostly it comes down to consistency in the actual residential cleaning, and consistency in who cleans. Less Mess With Jess understands that having consistency in cleaning and who comes to clean your home are generally very important things to most home owners.  We work diligently to make sure the same person cleans each time.  This is not only helpful for you, but can also save money as the cleaner is able to find the most efficient way to clean your home. If you are looking for consistent residential cleaning services Grand Rapids MI, then give us a call today.

With a lot of choices of residential cleaning services in Grand Rapids, make sure you think over a few of the items above.  Our experience tells us that attention to detail and consistency are import things to think about.  Make sure you ask the cleaning company their process for keeping details and consistency in cleaning.