Maid Service Grand Rapids MI

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Maid Service Grand Rapids MI

Less Mess With Jess is not your traditional maid service Grand Rapids MI.  I have often wondered if a maid service is the same thing as a cleaning service. So what are the main differences between your typical maid service and a professional cleaning service?  There are some major differences that should be noted, but it mainly lies in what you are hired to do.   Everyone has an idea of what a maid service entails.  There are multiple cleaning companies out there with ‘maid’ in their cleaning company name. You probably know the ones I am talking about…. But do they actually offer traditional maid services, or are they just cleaning companies who have the word ‘maid’ in their name?  Let’s take a look at what some of the similarities are and differences and you can be the judge.

What Is a Traditional Maid Service?

The traditional maid service is one that involves much more than just cleaning.  Wikipedia describes what comes to mind when I hear of a company as a maid service.

Maids perform typical domestic chores such as cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, walking the family dog, and taking care of children. In many places in some poor countries, maids often take on the role of a nurse in taking care of the elderly and people with disabilities. Many maids are required by their employers to wear a uniform.

In times past maid services were generally only for the affluent.  They had the financial position to hire and house help. Often times they had multiple ‘types’ of maids that would be responsible for specific duties throughout the house.  From the Wikipedia definition it seems that a maid service would require much more than cleaning. I have always understood it to mean taking care of all or most inside home duties.   However, times have changed, and so has that service.  Let’s take a look at our current version of a maid service.

Our Current Version Of Maid Services

Maid Service Grand Rapids MI

As you are well aware, there are large national franchises that have the word ‘maid’ in their name. I find it a bit interesting that these companies can really be interchanged with

a cleaning service.  Looking back at the traditional definition of a maid service, you would think that most of the these ‘maid’ companies would provide more services than cleaning.  I visited the top three ‘maid’ cleaning company sites to see what I could find.  I was actually a little surprised.  Not one of them provided additional services beyond cleaning.  I guess there

is someone in some marketing department who knows more than I  since they are a franchise and we are a locally owned cleaning company. There has to be some validity to the notion of a maid service.   The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) FAQ section has a good response to the maid service vs. cleaning service debate.

While many call themselves maid services and others call themselves cleaning services most are the same. Most cleaning services perform basic home cleaning with a wide range in services. The days of the typical “maid” are all but gone. If your expectations include things like laundry, ironing, shopping, organizing, looking after the children, or things beside basic house cleaning you will want to discuss this with the service you are interviewing. While there are people available for this type of work most cleaning professionals do not provide those services. If you are looking for a home manager or a more in depth service you might be more suited to seek out a domestic placement agency. Most everyone’s needs can be met by a professional cleaning service with some input from the customer.

Less Mess With Jess would be considered a cleaning service more than a maid service.  While we do offer some services like dog walking and occasionally throwing in a load of laundry, I would not consider use a true maid service. If you are looking for a maid service in Grand Rapids MI, then take the advice of ARCSI and seek out a domestic placement agency or a home manager. If you are looking for quality, professional cleaning service, then contact us today for a free cleaning quote.